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The name, Chicks Nest, ™ was a fun and memorable collaboration between me and my daughter, Lauren, who also designed the logo for Chicks Nest. The idea for Chicks Nest began in 2011, after I began attempting to create a product for my mother, who was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. She suffered with muscle spasms and was just generally, in a lot of pain. Because I had studied essential oils many years before, I began creating blends, using a base lotion and adding specific essential oils that would help her with her pain. While I have always believed in the healing power of prayer, I had always had an intense interest in essential oils and the amazing healing properties of plant oils.

Unsatisfied with the results of using a base lotion, I began studying and creating my own body cream, because I wanted to know and control exactly what ingredients were going into my product/products. From there, I began creating fabulous bath salt blends and a wonderful brown sugar scrub.

After the passing of my beloved mother, my focus shifted into creating a body cream, which would be safe and effective for pregnant women and would help prevent and promote healing of stretch marks and also have anti-aging oils to help fight wrinkles! I decided early on, that my company will always honor the Lord first and specifically, life at conception. A portion of Angel Feathers Body Cream is given to a local pregnancy center. The name, “Angel Feathers Body Cream” is named in honor of my mother, Carmelita.

Before each jar is made, we say a quiet prayer, that the lives of each recipient of Chicks Nest products may be blessed. Thank you for choosing Chicks Nest ~ and I hope you love Chicks Nest products as much as I do! God bless you and stay tuned ~ I have many more exciting products planned for the future! 



We are a faith-based company that wants to help people look and feel fabulous, by harnessing nature’s gifts through skin care. We believe in touching lives and helping others.


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